Acorn necklace with real pink heather on leather cord

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Heather is the flower of longevity. The reason is the flowers' extreme longevity. This makes it a symbol of strength, but also of home and romance.


  • Length of the glans: 0.6 inch
  • Width of the glans: 0.4 inch
  • Length of the leather cord: 31.5 inch (adjustable)

In order to be able to make an acorn body out of resin, I took an impression of a real acorn and made a silicone mold from it. The number of real acorn caps that actually fit is limited.

The flowers were collected, dried and handpicked by me. The body of the acorn contains some of these filigree flowers of the heather. These were carefully put into synthetic resin in several steps. After grinding and polishing, the acorn body is "crowned" with a real acorn cap.


This acorn chain comes with a fine, light brown leather cord. If desired, you can order a 31.5 inch long sterling silver figaro chain under the "Accessories" category.

Resin is a very light material. Thus, pieces of jewelry are wonderfully comfortable to wear. Each piece of jewelry is absolutely unique. No two are alike, so there are always small deviations from the product image shown.

Care tips

  • Avoid permanent UV radiation
  • Keep your jewelry in a dry, safe place
  • Avoid contact with alcohol-based products such as perfumes, creams, nail polish removers or cleaning products
  • Avoid direct moisture as it is a real and untreated acorn cap


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