Stud earrings with flowers of the "Queen Anne's lace"

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These relatives of our cultivated carrots can be found widespread between May and August in meadows and parks. With its white, umbel-like flowers, it is not only very pretty to look at, the wild carrot also has other great values! It is very rich in vitamins and tastes good in wild herb salads. As a medicinal plant, its oil is also a helper for burn-out candidates.


"Wild carrot sharpens the view on the essentials and anchors. It takes the silk thread, explains it to the root, calls for calm and reflection and lets us see how we can become ourselves again. This power is a help for burnout candidates / inside and existence-threatened at the same time. It reveals one's own resources and enables one to solidly (re) build one's own roots with what is already there. "


The flowers of the wild carrot were collected, dried and handpicked by me. In order to come into their own, the flowers were poured onto a synthetic resin background that was colored red.



  • Stud size: 8 mm 
  • Material: stainless steel (very skin-friendly)


Resin is a very light material. Thus, pieces of jewelry of this kind are wonderfully comfortable to wear.

Each piece of jewelry is absolutely unique. No two are alike, so there are always small deviations from the product image shown.


    Care tips

    • Avoid permanent UV radiation
    • Keep your jewelry in a dry, safe place
    • Avoid contact with alcohol-based products such as. Perfumes, creams, nail polish removers or cleaning products

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