About me

Hello! I am happy that you are here!

I'm Tina, the founder of KUNSTbrandWERK. 

I experimented with synthetic resin for the first time 6 years ago. From the beginning I focused working with all the things nature is providing us with. Because even as a child I loved flowers and all year round I collected the fine little things that nature has to offer.

In the meantime I became a mother of two and I am living with my family on the beautiful North Sea island of Spiekeroog. Of course, there is also plenty of material here to perpetuate it in synthetic resin and to make it "wearable" as a loving memory and everyday companion.

This craft is very diverse and there are a lot of tasks. Collecting and drying flowers, making silicone molds, grinding and polishing the "castings". At the moment I am still "running" the shop here by myself, but I would very much like to share this great craft with other resin artists and grow together in the future.

Each piece of jewelery is unique and is lovingly handcrafted by me from start to finish.

I love this work and I hope you love the result!



I'm trying to get away from fast-paced consumption and towards sustainable production and long-lasting products. Quality not quantity.

All natural products I work with are limited in quantity and seasonal. If, for example, the buttercup jewelry is sold out, supplies will only come back shortly after this beautiful flower has bloomed.

My goal is to use my passionate creativity and craftsmanship to produce charming and unique pieces of jewelry that awaken longings and memories.



I love being close to nature and benefiting from it. I would like to give that back as well as possible.

Most of the materials I work with come from Germany. All flowers, plants and natural materials come from Spiekeroog and are picked, collected, dried and transformed into pieces of jewelry by myself. 

In my packaging, I pay attention to eco-certified and recycled products and cotton from fair trade. I ship largely plastic-free and try to produce as little waste as possible.