Game cubes with real moss

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A beautiful board game also includes special dice!

Whether for dice collectors or simply board game enthusiasts. This unique rolling piece is a very special gift or maybe a reminder of a nice evening of games with friends.



  • Side length of all sides of the cube: 1.7 cm
  • Cube contains real dried moss
  • Each cube is absolutely unique

The moss was picked, dried and handpicked by me. Here, with the help of silicone, I molded quite ordinary cubes. After the moss has been carefully immortalized in resin in several steps, the cube is sanded, polished and painted by hand. 


Resin is a very light material. In contrast to glass, resin does not break.

Each cube is absolutely unique. No two are alike, so there are always small deviations from the product image shown.

Care tips

  • Avoid permanent UV radiation
  • Keep the cubes in a dry, safe place
  • Avoid contact with alcohol-based products such as perfumes, creams, nail polish removers or cleaning products


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