Children's jewelry SET ring and stud earrings with real forget-me-nots

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The forget-me-not stands for the wish not to be forgotten. As a gift among lovers, the flower symbolizes love, loyalty and togetherness. The forget-me-not can also stand for a tender memory or a farewell.


  • Ring size: 13mm to 17mm (41-53, suitable for children from 5 years)
  • Material of the ring: brass / tombac 
  • Handmade resin stones
  • adjustable
  • Stud material: sterling silver
  • Length of the ear studs: 10mm

These wonderful flowers grow in my garden. The flowers were collected, dried and handpicked by me. This fine ring is very popular with friends and will delight children’s eyes with a real blue flower of forget-me-nots. The stud earrings also contain a flower of the forget-me-not. These were carefully immortalized in synthetic resin in several steps. The back of the stones were filled with white resin. 


Resin is a very light material. Thus, pieces of jewelry of this kind are wonderfully comfortable to wear.

Each piece of jewelry is absolutely unique. No two are alike, so there are always small deviations from the product image shown.

Care tips

  • Avoid permanent UV radiation
  • Keep your jewelry in a dry, safe place
  • Avoid contact with alcohol-based products such as. Perfumes, creams, nail polish removers or cleaning products

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